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Sports and Travel Club from Whitman, MA
Family Skiing from Whitman, MA

9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. (Seven Days a Week)

(781) 523-7027

P.O. Box 129

Whitman, MA 02382

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Due to the rapid changes of the pandemic and how it will impact our upcoming season, it is recommended for all Club members to be on the Club's e-Ticker, our electronic newsletter.  This is the fastest way to disseminate important information to the membership.  As a Club member who is receiving the e-Ticker, please share this alert to your family and friends who are Club members. 


This is a must, due to the complexity of our times, to get updated important information and the possibility of getting last minute deals.  There is also the strong potential of doing some trips without sending out the standard mail flyers.

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The following upcoming trips were only be in the 10/8/20 edition of the e-Ticker. Paper flyers will not be sent out on the following trips:


Sumggler's Notch, Vermont

Two “Great Ski Escape” Opportunities


Sunday River, Maine

            Two Mid-Week Specials           

Important Covid-19 Note

All participants in any Club trip and/or event will be required to follow all active health guidelines during your stay at the resort. This includes but not limited too local, state, national and resort safeguards. Which could include but not limited to, wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing guidelines, following good sanitation practices during your stay and following group gathering guidelines at the time of your trip. This also covers group social and dining options. These will be be maintained until Covid-19 precautions are no longer necessary.

Skiing and Boarding From Whitman, MA