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This is a forum for information and other material to keep members updated  on what is new within the Club.


Also listed on this page are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  These are questions most asked by Club members.


The Club Bulletin Board

Last Updated: 9/21/17



Are You on the


The Club’s Instant Communication Bulletin Board

 Keeping pace to meet your needs.

Now 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 12 months a year, you can be capable of receiving the latest information, news and bulletins from the Club via the newest and fastest communication tool yet to give you instant access to updates as they occur. This forum will give you the latest information on upcoming trips, short and long term planning, travel and sport information and more. The only prerequisite is that you are an active member on the mailing list.

If you are interested in becoming a free subscriber to this member only service please e-mail the Club via the Club’s web site “Contact Page” or directly e-mail the Club at                   with the following information:

 v           Full Name  

v          Full Address

v         Primary Telephone Number

v        E-mail Address

Please provide all of the above information above to become a free subscriber. This is important  to verify your membership in the Club. Once a subscriber, you can request at any time to be taken off this list if  you feel it does not meet your needs. As always, if you have any suggestions and/or comments for information/material you would like on the e-Ticker, please let the Club know.


Attention  Update! 

Are you up to date with your envelopes?

This is important!

It is a prerequisite for participation in any Club event or activity.



Your photos of Club trips and members to share with others on our web site.


Memories Not Forgotten

The Club is encouraging  members to share those special pictures of Club events or members on the Club website.  This can be done in two ways the first you can submit individual pictures which will be posted on the "Photo Gallery". The second option is when you have a group of five (5) or more pictures, the Club will set up a separate page off the "Photo Gallery" as a  special web page for this event/trip and will post your pictures on this page. Under either option, you the choice of identifying yourself as the author or we can leave that information out.   This is a forum for your use and to help us all, remember those special times. If you have any questions, please contact the Club.


Q. What is a “Provisional Member”?

A.  A Provisional Member is a temporary membership in the Club. This status occurs when an existing member sponsors a friend or relative to participate in Club events and have their own unit. The provisional member can participate in any event or activity held by the Club.  This provisional member can have guests stay with them.  When having their own unit they are responsible for that unit and their guests with them. The provisional member will have no dues or fees placed on them and have all Club privileges except sponsoring new members. They can sponsor new members once their probationary period is over.

The probationary period for the provisional member is for a period of one year.  If there are no problems or incidents, the provisional member’s status will be upgraded to a regular member.  If there are problems or incidents during the one-year probationary period, the provisional member and the Club member who sponsored them can both be terminated from the Club.  This policy of the Club is strictly enforced.

Q. Can I back out of a trip I have signed up for?

A. No. Once you have called the Club with your request and you received an order number for any trip or event you are committed to that order.  If you have to back out for any reason, it is your responsibility to back fill your unit.  When you do so, you are responsible for those who you choose to back fill your order.  If there is a waiting list for any trip or event, the Club may assist by sharing potential candidates with you to call. But it is still your responsibility to back fill your order.   Every time you register for any event you will be reminded of your responsibility.  Please understand that this is strictly enforced and there are no exceptions to this policy.

Q: Can I sign up and participate in Club trips or events without having Stamped  Self-Addressed Envelopes (SSEA) on file here at the Club?

A:  No.  It is a prerequisite for participation in any Club activity and or event. This is a must to keep

 prices at the lowest price possible and collect no dues or fees from the membership.  If the Club has to provide and complete an envelope and provide postage, the Club will charge the member a $15 surcharge. If this occurs again the Club can charge the Club member, as well as terminate the Club member from future events and/or trips.

Having SSAE is also a prerequisite for being placed and maintained on the Club's e-Ticker. This is also a policy that the Club monitors closely and will strictly be enforced.  No exceptions to this policy.

Q.  I have tried several times to place an order and have been able to only get a message. Please advise me what to do.

A.  This has been a problem during busy periods.  Members need to understand that the Club has only one line. So that means that only one call at a time can be taken. (Remember that the Club works real hard to keep overhead cost down so you can save.) The best time to call is between 6:00 and 9:00 P.M. any evening.  You may leave a message on the Club phone line, messages will be returned in the order that they are received.  But during these busy periods, please understand that live calls have priority over messages.  It is recommended that you try repeating your call to the Club when unable to get through, so that you place your order as early as possible to get the unit of your choice.

Please, remember that e-mails, posting on and phone messages and or faxes are not considered actual registration.  Actual registration only happens when you talk to someone personally at the Club and get an order number for that trip or event.

Q. Can I bring a pet/animal (s) on Common-Wealth Club a trip or event?

A. NO!  Please remember that you are in most cases are using someone condo/unit and that it is the strict policy of all resorts that no pets or animals are allowed under any condition.  Any member or their quests are caught with animals or pets, they will be terminated from the Club automatically, no exceptions.

Q,  Can I sell a ticket voucher I received from a resort on a Club trip?

A. No! It is against the law and if Club members are caught doing this they can be arrested and will be automatically be terminated from the Club.

Q.  What is the consequence of making late payments for trips you have sign up for?

A. During each telephone intake with the Club, the Club will review with you some conditions for getting your order placed with the Club and your participation in any trip.  One of these conditions is when the payments are due.  From the beginning the Club has been sensitive to the need of families and have given the family the opportunity to make multiple payments to ease the money burden for them. However, some individuals are calling in for an order too get choice units for upcoming trips or to be near friends and family and ignoring the intake process when they are told of the consequence of making late payments.  Please remember if you make a late payment to the Club there will be a consequence for this no matter what the the reason is.  Those that have a pattern of making late payments will also be subject to termination from the Club.

Q. If I have questions about a Club trip I have signed up for, should I call the resort directly about my concerns?

    A.  No, you booked with the Club and all questions, concerns or other reasons, you should always call the Club.  The Club works real hard to get you the highest quality and lowest prices. The Club deals with senior staff only and the staff working in the group sales, do not have access or knowledge of the contract and the items between the Club and resort.


This also causes many problems and extra time to correct in accurate information requested or given by resort staff.  The Club has worked with most resorts for over 25 years, and they enjoy working with the Club because the Club takes the responsibility of answering your questions and concerns. Please be aware the Club values the partnership with the resorts and because of this, members can be terminated for calling the resort about Club trips.  Remember you booked with theClub, you deal only with the Club.


Q. Is it important to know who is going to be the condo/unit leader?


A. Yes, Due to security concerns and to promote a quick and efficient check-in process the   condo/unit leader MUST be present at check in. The welcome package with keys and other important information will not be given to anyone who is not listed as the condo/unit leader. This is extremely important for those that want to get your 1/2 day free lift tickets. 


In order to support this, the Club is requesting that when signing up, ensure you have the condo under an eligible condo/unit leader for any Club trip and that it be done with the name of the person who will be arriving first.  There are going to be times when you might need to change due to work or other factors.  In these cases, you need to notify the Club in advance. The Club strongly recommends that the Club be notified two weeks prior to your trip.  Changes under two weeks can be subject to a service fee. 


In the 2016/17 season any change under 7 days will require a $15 service charge. 

Please remember the person who calls the Club needs to consider this as they are getting their condo or unit.  Good planning and coordination will assist all in your party and start your winter holiday off in a smooth and painless way. If you have any questions, please call the Club.


Q. What is important to write down and save during the telephone intake process when ordering your condo/unit?


A. On your telephone intake you are clearly asked if you have pen and paper. You should take down the information discussed during the intake, This information is important to help plan your holiday and ensure you meet Club timelines. The following are some of the major basic requirements reviewed on each telephone intake with Club members:

  • Your order number is, your unit size and location is.
  •  The payment schedule, Due dates: 
    • Within one week of signing up 
    • A specific date of the second payment will be given. 
    • For the trips outside the Northeast there are 3 payment dates.                             
  • Late payment charge is $35 (If not received on any of above timelines)
  • Return of Check (insufficient funds) $35.


·         If your order Number is not on any check you send, you will be charge $20.

  • Once you have signed up, if you have to back out, it is your responsibility to back fill your own condo or unit.  It doesn't matter the reason. 

Do you understand this Common-Wealth Club condition?

  • The Common-Wealth Club is not responsible for problems, weather conditions or other occurrences beyond the control of the Club. 
  • Please be advised that no pets or animals beyond the human species are allowed in any condo or unit.
  • Are you maintaining stamped self address envelopes with the Club?


Please understand that if any of the information (above) given during the telephone intake process is requested at a later time there is a $20 charge. The whole idea of the Club to keep cost down and give you a quality vacation. To maintain this we need to keep the overhead down. As a member you can promote and support this

 *Late payment and other charges are used to help pay for the prizes and other overhead costs for the Club's annual classic "Powderhound Pilgrimage" at Sunday River, Maine.

Q. Is it important as to checks in to your condo/unit first?

A. Yes, the Unit Leader has to be the person who will be the first to arrive to check in on any Club trip. The Unit Leader will be the only person given the keys, tickets and other material. This applies to all resorts. So when placing orders, ensure you indicate the person who will be the first to arrive to be your Unit Leader. Also some resorts will require valid identification on checking in. To ensure your holiday starts off right, include this in your pretrip planning. 

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