The Powderhound Pilgrimage And

Magical & Musical Tour Of The Yellow Brick Road

Sunday River, Maine February 25 to 27 2011

Welcome to the Party at Emerald City

The Frist Seating for Dinner

Another group of VIP Guests

The Second Seating for Dinner

VIP Guests Enjoying the Meal

Our Hosts

Waiting For The Dance To Begin

Another VIP Table

Warming Up For The Contest

The Foodline

Can Not Wait For the Contest

Waiting For the Games to Begin

Preparing For The Games

The Third Seating

All Set For the Dance to Begin

We Are Ready to Dance

There is Always Room For Dessert

We Are Ready

The King & Queen of The Grand March

The Grand March Entering The Ballroom

The Grand March

The Grand March

The Grand March

It Is Time To Dance

3 & Under 1st Place, Piper Fargo

3 & Under 2nd Place, Max Howney

Enjoying the Contest

Enjoying The Show

No Trespassing

The 4 to 6 Year Old Musical Chairs

Our Winners, 1st Jimmy Boniasia, 2nd Brendan Clifford, 3rd David Craney

The 7-9 Year Old Contest

Intense Competition in the 7-9 Age Group

The Semi- Finalist

Our Winners, 1st CJ Dan, 2nd Sann Boltruczyk, 3rd Owen Costa

1st Place Winner of the Glenda Crown, Dianna Griffin

2nd Place Winners, The Robitaille Family

3rd Place Winner, Kailey Boltruczyk

The 10- 14 Year Old Contest

The Semi- Finalist

Winners, 1st Chris Leaverton, 2nd Victoria Crabtree, 3rd Olivia Surentopolis

The 15-20 Year Old Contest

The 15-20 Year Old Contest

The 15-20 Year Old Contest

The Semi-Finalist

Winners, 1st Jeff Hockmuth, 2nd Dalton Ruffy, 3rd Alex Leaverton

21 & Over Contest

Our Adults Were Not To Be Outdone

The Young At Heart

The Young Members Enjoy Watching The Adults

Another Intense Contest

The Semi- Finalist

Glenda Responds To Other Club Members

Glenda Steals The Show

Our Adults Putting On A great Show

It is Judging Time

The Winners, 1st Mike Wagner, 2nd Sharon Uszanckie, 3rd JimCough

Father/Daughter And Mother/Son

Another Tough Contest

Thanks Mom

Fun For All

Glenda And Daughter Shana

Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Contest

Mother & Son Enjoying The Fun

Daddy I Love Your Dress

The Semi-Finalist

The Dance Off

The Dance Off

The Dance Off

Daughter & Dad

Daughter& Dad

And The Winners Are?

Our Winners, 1st Robin & Emily Horighan, 2nd Mike & Shana Wagner, 3rd Ruby & Chris Costa

The Grand Finale

The Family Dance Contest

The Highlight Contest Of The Night

A Full Dance Floor

The Levertree's Putting On A Show

A Family Affair

The Semi-Finalist

The Semi-Finalist

Waiting For The Dance Off

Let The Dancing Begin

The Family Dance Off

The Family Dance Off

The Family Dance Off

The Family Dance Off

Waiting For The Winners To Be Announced

The 3rd Place Winners, The Titulio's of Norwood, MA.

The 2nd Place Winners, The Levertree's of Ducbury, MA.

Our Grand Winners, The Dawe's of Nashua, NH.

The Powderhound Team

Post Contest Activities

May I Have This Dance

Judge Mary Jo Gets Chance To Dance

Thanks Grampa

Our Brithday Girl With Joey

Mike Finally Gets A Dance With His Wife

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