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      …….Along time ago in a galaxy far, far away………..……….    

The Powderhound Pilgrimages &
"The Galactic Federation's Salute & Reunion of All Jedi Masters & Knights"

The High Council’s Galactic Ballroom at Sunday River Resort, Maine


February 24 to 26, 2012

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Heading Out

Lavoie's of Plymouth, MA

The Smith's and Friends of Rhode Ilsand

Becky Kelly & Friends

It's Break time!

David Walker of Westport, MA

Tom Flaherty of Norwood, MA

Heading Back Out

Jen & Staff Preparing for the Dance

The Dinner

Hats Off To The Chef

The Food Was Great!

This Table Is Ready To Dance

The Cool Ones

We Are Ready

Let The Dancing Start

The Line Up

Is My Hat On Right?

The Grand March

Entering the Ballroom

Anyone seen a skiing ape?

Some Of Participants For The Competition

The Frago's of Berwick, ME

Big Sister helps Max Downey of RI.

Piper Fargo Warms Up

The Competition Is On

Max & Piper Receive Their Prizes

Our Winners Max & Piper (Under 3)

Our 3 to 6 Age Group

Our Dancing With The Stars

Our Judges; Kerry, Jen, Karen & MaryJo

Judges Will Have A Tough Time

1st. Ruby Costa, 2nd. Gracie Fargo, 3rd. Adam Hart

The 7 to 9 Age Group

Oh Please, Let Me Win

Let The Music Begin

Some Great Dancers

1. Tate Costa 2. Olivia Craney 3. Aiden Ferrier

Our Costume Contest

1st. Cunniff, 2nd. Griffins Both of Foxboro, MA

Our 10 to 14 Year Old Age Group

This Was An Active Age Group

Get On Down

And The Winner Is?

1 Chris Leavertree, 2 Caroline Marshburh, 3 Megan Willis

The 15 to 20 Year Old Age Group

Another Active Group

The Final Five

1 Micaela Lannon, 2 Alex Leaverton, 3 Victora Crabtree

Our Adults (21+) Age Group

A Great Group Of Dancers

Just Some Of The Stars Here This Evening

Who Me!

The Final Five

Sunday River Staff Join In On The Fun

1. Darren DiTulio, 2. Julie Downey, 3. Sharon Liszanckie

Mother & Sons Group

Father & Daughters Group

And The Beat Goes On

The Dance Floor Was Rocking

Our Final Five

1 Brendan & Nancy, 2 Kayla & Scott, 3 Aiden & Elizabeth

The Family Combo

The Evening Highlight

The Best of the Best

No Room On The The Dance Floor

A Family Affair

Dancing The Night Away

All Getting Involved

Picking the Finalist

The Final Five

100% Family Fun

Future Dancing The Stars

The Levertree's of Duxbury, MA

1st. Place, The Sparrows of W. Roxbury

2nd. Place The Riley's of Westborough, MA

3rd. Place The Levertree's of Duxbury, MA