The Powderhound  Pilgrimage And Quidditch World Cup Feast And Festival

The Feast Begins

Welcome to Sunday River 2010

The First Seating

The Second Seating

Waiting for the party to start.

The Student Council

The clean up

The Third Seating

Dining in the back up ballroom.

The King & Queen

The start of the Grand Parade.

The Grand Parade

The Grand Parade

The Grand Parade

Three cheers for the Quidditch Festival.

Let the dancing begin.

All are ready!

Our Frist Contest, The Sunday River Employees

In appreciation for the hard work and their most positive attitudes the Club salutes our hosts.

The few, but truely the brave.

Thank you all for making our stay so enjoyable.

The Sunday River Employee Winners

1st. Place - Lauren Lavigne & Company, 2nd Place - Mike Pelosi, 3rd Place - Melly Ford

Our under three Elf Dance winners

Michael Wagner and Ruby Costa

The Heat is On for Ages 4-6 "Magical Chairs"

Winners for the Ages 4-6 "Magical Chairs"

Vinny Reen & Tate Costa

Ages 7-9 Dance Contest

Ages 7-9 Dance Contest

Our Winner of the Ages 7-9 Dance Contest

1st. Place - Grace O'Hara, 2nd. Place - Nick Clifford, 3rd. Place Eric Dileone

Magical Hat And Wand Contest Winners

1st Place - Robitaille Family, 2nd Place - Cuniff Family, 2nd. Place Sullivan Family

Age 10-14 Dance Contest

And the winner is!

It is what you think!

Ages 10-14 Dance Contest Winners

1st. Place - Kelly McNinus, 2nd. Place - Emily O'Hara, 3rd. Place - Alexandra Leaverton


The Judges!

The 15 - 20 Age Group

The 15-20 Age Group

The 15-20 Age Group Winners

1st.Place - Lenny Valdes, 2nd Place - Leo, 3rd. Place - Lindsey Nardella

The 21+ Age Group

The 21+ Age Group

Waiting for the Judges to announce the winners.

The 21+ Age Group Winners

1 st Place - Kevin Hopkins, 2nd Place - - Dana Kearns, 3rd. Place Paula Leaverton

The Adult/Child Contest

The Adult/Child Contest

The Adult/Child Contest

The Adult/Child Contest

The Adult/Child Contest, The Finalists

Hogwart's Best

Photo submitted by Darlene Fleischman

1st Place & 2nd. Place winners share a photo.

Good times, Good talk and Good friends

Good times, Good talk and Good friends

Who Me!

Mike just completed his class.

Pictures Wanted

If you have a couple of pictures you would like to share, please e-mail them in jpeg forma with a breif description.

Freeport Maine

The Herrington's of Hyde Park N.Y enjoy the sea coast after skiing.

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