The Powderhound Pilgrimage Febraury 2006  

Atop Spruce Peak

David Walker on Spruce Peak on Friday afternoon.


Perfect Turns

New Common-Wealth Club members taking their first lessons.


Working On The Carbs

Club members enjoying their dinner and getting their carbs for the dance later Saturday night.


Family Dinner

The Park's and Bolduc's of Ware MA. enjoying good for and dinner talk.


Saturday Night Dinner

Club members at the 1 st. seating getting their food.


Do you know these People?

We lost the paper with the name of this family. Do you know these people?


Warming Up

Club members are getting ready for the dance contest.


The 4 to 6 Years Olds

Getting ready for the music to start


The 4 To 6 Year Olds

The real stars of the night.


The 4 To 6 Years Olds

Showing their talent


The 7 To 9 Year Olds

Their dancing was only out done by their costumes.


The 7 to 9 Year Olds

A lot of talent in this group.


The 10 To 13 Year Olds

Gwetting ready for the contest to begin.


The 10 To 13 Year Olds


Te 10 to 13 Years Old

The finalist showing their talent.


The 14 to 18 Year Olds

Our teens in the floor showing us the "Right Stuff"


The Adults 23+

The audiencewas dissappointed that we did not have enough candidates for 19-to 22 years old, but the adult adult group sure did not dissappoint the audience.


Is That Really Her Natural Hair Color

Only Mattie's family really knows.


Mr. And Mrs. Piglet

The adult piglets but on a dance lesson for the audience.


Good Time For All

All of the adult candidiates really got into the mood and the really winners were the audience.


Mrs Piglet


The Adults 23+

Is that Link of the Mod Squad?


The Families

The familiy candidates waiting foe the music to start.


The Families

Let the contest begin!


The Parriot Heads


The Families

Dancing to the beat. The Families grouping always great entertainment.


The Families

The judges had a hard time picking the final five.


The Families

The final five starting the final selection process.


The Families

The Piglets getting into the beat.


Our Grand Winners

The Pfeffer's of Wrentham are our grand winners, their dancing was only outdone by their costumes. Thanks to the Pfeffer 's for job well done.


Our Runner Up

The Poirier's of Bradford another audience pleaser gave us a great performance. Great job on the costumes too.


It's Contagious!

Our hosts at Sunday River were getting into the great music of our M.C. Joeyoke. As always Joeyoke gets all into a great mood.



To all of the staff at Sunday River for making our weekend a great holiday and one that we will remember for a long time.


And the Music Goes On

Club members enjoy some great music after the contest was over.


The Bottom Line

All had a great time.


Yes I Can Do It

Nick shows all that he can put his skis on.


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