Intro to Skiing 101

 Stowe, 2004


Friday Night at Stowe Village

This year's "Introduction to Skiing 101" started at Stowe Village on Friday Night.


Santa's and Mrs. Claus Are Good Listerns

Well Santa, what I want for Christmas.............


Dasher Special Vist to Stowe Village

Santa brought Dasher to meet the children of the Club and Stowe.


"A Traditional Vermont Holiday At Stowe Village"

Mr. & Mrs Claus pause to listern to one of many music groups entertaining all on this holiday event at Stowe Village.


The Sounds of The Holiday

Mr. & Mrs Claus enjoy the sounds of the season.


And Snow To Top Off The Night

All enjoyed the the snow falling during this classic event. This gril noticed Santa wasn't having a good hair day.


Dasher on the Move


Thanks Santa!

This girl now cann't not wait to Christmas night.


Checking it out!

This Club member is checking out slopes early on Saturday Moring.


Classes Begin

Club members are just staring their first class on Saturday morning.


My First Pie!


Future Boarders Take To The Slopes


My First Turns!


Hey, this is moving!


I Can Do This!


Ok, Now follow Me!


You Want Me To Go Where?


Hurry I Do Not Want To Be Late for my Lesson


It's Lunch Time


There Is Much Great Food


Dad, Hold The Pickles


Back Out for the Afternoon Lessons


Santa's Escort

Santa and the Stowe Ski Patrol end down the mountainb to kick of Saturday Evening's event.


Lighting Up The Night


Santa And His Friends From Stowe


Santa Arrives at Spruce Lodge


Here Is Here!

Mr. & Mrs. Claus are greeted by all at Spruce Lodge.


Let The Party Begin


One Of The Best Dressed


Thanks Santa


A Great Time For All




Kids Of All Ages


Our Second Seating With Santa


Children Sing to Mr. & Mrs. Claus


A group Discusson


Santa and Friends


One Happy Girl


Stowe 2004


Good-bye To All and All a good Night


Lunch Time

Lunch at Spruce Peak Lodge. Picture submitted by Shawn Owens of Stowe


Good Food and Good Friends

Submitted by Shawn Owens of Stowe


The Food At Spruce Lodge

Submitted by Shawn Owens of Stowe


Santa's Escort

The Stowe Ski Patrol Greets Santa at Spruce Peak.

Sumitted by Shawn Owens


Kelly's Pride

Kelly Bagge and her family pose with Mr. & Mrs Claus. Submitted by Shawn Owens of Stowe


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