Introduction to Skiing 101

December  2003


Introduction to Skiing 101, 2003

Spruce Peak Lodge at Check-in, Stowe, Vermont December 5-7, 2003


Stowe Vermont 2003

At Check-in on Friday night.


Stowe 2003

Waiting in line at Check in at Spruce Peak Lodge.


The Lessons at "Intro 101"

Honest, this is my first time.


"Introdction to Skiing 101"

Stowe finest working with the Common-Wealth Club's finest.


Stowe, Vermont 2003

Look Mom no Hands!


Spruce Peak, Saturday 12/6/03

This is much easier than boot camp, Dad.


"Into to Skiing 101" 12/6/03

How long is this break and do they serve refreshments?


Common-Wealth's future leaders

Are you sure this is the bunny hop?


Stowe, Vermont

The future club ski & boarding team.


Spruce Peak

This is a piece of cake!


Spruce Peak Lodge

Lunch time at the Spruce Peak Lodge


Stowe, Vermont December 7, 2003

The sleigh ride, this is the only way to top of the a perfect weekend


Stowe, Vermont

It was a busy weekend, dont' you think?


The Holiday Party at Stowe

In the holiday spirit, The Loreaux Family of Duxbury, MA


Mr. and Mrs Claus have a special gift

Submitted by Jeff Loreaux of Duxbury, the father of some very special children


1st. Timers Boarders

Danielle & DeAna Bruce of Hudson N.H. just finished their lesson at Spuce Peak.


A Vermont Tradition

The Dort's of Needham prepare for a quiet Sunday afternoon.


Check In 2003

Setting up the the the Club's Check-in


Check-in 2003

Kids of All Ages


Check in 2003

Prior to the Check in process


Saturday Morning

Heading out to the Slopes


Stowe 2003

A Family Affair


Stowe 2003

Elizabeth and Cindy, two of the many Stowe staff that made the 2003 "Introduction to Skiing 101" a huge sucess, pose with Mr. & Mrs Claus. ......Thanks Cindy and staff


Stowe 2003

The Holiday Party for the Children


Stowe 2003

Santa thanks Susan and David, staff of Stowe after the famous "Introduction to Skiing 101" welcome of Santa with his Touchlight Parade down the mountain.


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