The Bike & Barge Tour of Holland 2004


Day 1 in Holland

The Club spent the first morning in Holland with a special tour of the city of Delf, prior to heading for the barges.


Touring Delf

The Club was treated to a walking tour of this 16th Century city just South of Amsterdam


The Trip Starts

The Zeeland heads for the locks in Amsterdam, heading for our first night of docking



Club members relaxing on the Zeeland, as they cross the Westeinderplassen


The Warm up

On Saturday night we headed out for a warm up run


Day 2

Our 1st break, on our biking trip to Leiden on Sunday Morning


Group Photo

All of Sunday's bikers pose for a picture prior to having lunch.


Time to Relax

Neil, Russell, Robert & Sonny relax after biking, by playing a friendly game of cribbage


Planning Session

Club members on the Tijdgeest discuss the biking for Day # 3 with Sandra one of the biking guides.


After Dinner Stroll

Our guides, after dinner, took Club members on a walk in the old city of Leiden


Day 3

Getting Ready for the day's biking, which included a stop at the world famous flower gardens of Keukenhof


Harvesting the Tulips

On the way to Keukenhof, Club members traveled through fields of tulips being prepared, to get the bulbs ready for market


The Gardens of Keukenhof

Mary Ann, Jean & Connie enjoying the flowers of Keukenhof


A Canvas of Color

The flower garden of Keukenhof


The Queen of the Night

The newly developed black tulips, called the Queen of the Night


Good Company

Beverly, Cliff and Lila stop a for a minute during their tour of the Keukenof


Majestic Colors

The flower garden of Keukenhof


Unlimited Colors

The Flower garden of Keukenhof


Dazzling Display of Colors

The flower garden of Keukenhof


Stepping Stones

Phil, Janet, Kathleen and Rose take the stepping stones to get to the next section of the gardens


Spring at Keukenhof


Heading Out

Club members head out for Harrlem, after touring the flower gardens of Keukenhof


On the Road Again

Club Members heading toward Harrlem


At Home in Haarlem

A veiw from the Zeeland as it docks in Haarlem


Dinner Is Ready

Mary Ann, Tammy, Kathryn and Connie dishing out dinner on the Zeeland


The Food Was Great

Edward, Kathleen, Bill and Maureen (back to camera)

at dinner enjoy Linda's great cooking


Good Dinner Talk

Irene, Jean and Richard share biking stories from today's biking tour.


To the Rescue

Klaas, one of our biking guides, help's Hans save the dike.


Lunch Break

Part of the group poses for a picture at the open air museum at Zaanse Schans


Canal Crossing

Club members cross a canal on the way to Alkmaar, the next overnight stop on our tour


The Zeeland

The Zeeland, at the dock in Alkmaar, our home for the next two nights


On the Way to the North Sea

A brief stop on our way to the North Sea area of Schoorl ann Zee


At the North Sea

The biking group poses at the dunes on the North Sea


A Ski Club Site

Club members took a break just outside Bergen, where a local ski club has a practice ski hill just off the dunes.



The main square in Alkmaar


Our Crew

The crew of the Zeeland with Klaas. Guys a job well done, Thanks!


Morning Break

The group stops for a break and to tour a windmill on our way to Hoorn


A Great View

The Club was treated to a great view from this working windmill.


Inside The Windmill

Cliff and Lila heading back down from the top of the windmill.


Shoe Shopping

Maureen is all smiles for she thinks she is at a shoe store


Heading to Hoorn

Club Members are on their way to to the port city of Hoorn.


A Stroll around Hoorn

Club members take a walk around the port city of Hoorn.


Lunch in Hoorn

Jean, Karen, Edward and Kathleen enjoy lunch


Post Dinner Reading

Ken reads some politically correct stories to the group on the Zeeland


The Post Dinner Briefing

Klaas does his nightly briefing to the group on the next day's biking..................Go! Go! Go!


The Masters

On Friday the forecast was heavy rains and strong headwinds, but Edward, Ken, Klaas, Mary Ann, Sonny, Connie and Sandra did the biking from Purmerend to Amsterdam. We take our hats off to the "Magnificent Seven"


The Rest

The rest of the group traveled to Amsterdam via the barges


Our last Night

The crew of the Zeeland, pose with Club members on our last night in Amsterdam


The Tijdgeest

The crew and Club members share great stories and new friends on the last night in Amsterdam



Our Biking Masters, Klaas and Ken give the the now famous biking call.


Dam Square

The old royal palace in Dam Square in Amsterdam


An Amsterdam Canal

The Singel Canal in the old town section of Amsterdam


Not Your Typical Coffee Shop


Over looking Amsterdam

Overlooking Dam Square and Damrak Street


Central Station

A canal in front of the Central Station in downtown Amsterdam


Heading Home

Heading east to the North Sea, enroute to Boston


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