The Banff / Lake Louise Trip

April 2005


Minneapolis Layover

The Rogers during the Minneapolis layover.


Minneapolis St. Paul Airport

Greg & Lynne disussing the upcoming week with Barbara and Joe.


Landing at Calgary

The plane making final turn for landing at Calgary, with the the Rockies in the background


In Flight

David & Darlene relaxing in flight to Calgray. Photo taken by Karen Ryan.


On The Road

Club members on one of the buses as they head west on Canada's Route 1 heading towards Banff. Photo taken by Karen.


On The Top Of The World

The LeBlanc's on the edge of the back bowl of Lake Louise.


Lake Louise

Joe and Barbara pose in front of the Lake Louise's famous back bowl


The Dressing Room

Club members getting ready to ski at Goat's Eye at the Sunshine Village Resort.


Sunshine Village Resort

Club members gather at the Continental Divide lift.


Continental Divide

Club members enjoy the views from atop the Continental Divide lift. Photo taken by Karen.


Sunshine Village Resort

On the top of the Continental Divide. Photo taken by Karen.


Lunch Time

Club members take a lunch break at Sunshine Village.


The Saloon at Sunshine

Club members at the main base area of Sunshine Village Resort. Photo taken by Karen


Planning Our Next Run

Mark, Joe & David plan the next run at Sunshine. Photo taken by Karen.


Where Is She?

Greg trying to hide Lynne from the Picture. Photo taken by Karen.


Solo Flight

David Dion enjoys one of the bowls at Sunshine. Picture taken by Karen.


Larch Lift

A View of Temple Mountain form the lift on Larch .


Lake Louise

Bob, Mark & David enjoy the viewsa from the front side of Lake Louise.


The Bus Stop

Mary and James enjoy the great weather as they wait for the bus back to the hotel.



David, Karen and Darlene at the Top of The World at Lake Louise. Photo by Tom Fields


Front side of Lake Louise

Photo taken by Karen Ryan


How The Tan?

Karen and Tom take a break at Temple Lodge at Larch.

Picture tahen by David Walker.


Temple Lodge @ Lake Louise

David and Tom take a break after a full morning of skiing. Photo taken by Karen.


Temple Mountain

Tom checks out some of the views from the front side of Lake Louise. Temole Mountain is in rear. Photo tahen by Karen


It Time To Hit the Bar.

Club members ready to hit the slope side bar as they wait for the bus at Lake Louise. Photo taken by Karen.


Lynne @ 10:30 A. M.

Lynne enjoys the back bowl at Lake Louise. Great weather and conditions highlight her morning. Photo taken by Karen.


Lynne @ 2: 25 P.M.

Lynne takes a well earned break and beer at the slope side bar. Oh yeh, the weather was great too. Photo taken by Karen.


David Wake Up!

Club members enjoying good food in downtown Banff. Photo taken by Karen


The Sulphur Mountain Climbing Club

Tom Karen, Darlene & David just finished climbing the montain on their last day in Banff.


Mountain Goats

Mountain goats pose on the Bow Valley Parkway.


Castle Mountain Banff National Park


The 15th Fairway

Banff Spring Hotel Golf Course.


1ST Tee at Banff Springs



The 4TH Hole, Banff Springs

Rudle Montain in rear


Cascades Mountain from the 12TH Hole


Our Home

The Banff Sprinfs Hotel from the 14th fairway


Heading Home

Karen, Tom, Barbara & Joe at Calgary Airport


Calgary Airport

Club members waiting for the flight home.


Larch Mountain

Club members take a break on Larch at Lake Louise. Picture taken by Robert Clifford


The Bow Valley Parkway

Picture taken by Robert.


Rundle Mountain

Photo taken by Robert.


Are Those Snow Cloulds?

Picture taken at Sunshine Village by Robert.


Standing Guard

Mountain goats on the Bow Valley Parkway. Picture taken by Robert.


Bow Valley Falls

Behind the Banff Springs Hotel. Picture taken by Robert.


On Top of Larch Mountain

The LeBlanc's at the Lake Louise. Picture taken by Robert.


Pila Trail, Lake Louise

Picture taken by Robert.


Lower Divide, Sunshine Village

Picture taken by Robert.


The Welcoming Committee

Off the Bow Valley Parkway. Picture taken by Robert.


Two Jacks Lake in Banff

Picture taken by Robert.


Temple Mountain From Lake Louise

Picture taken by Robert.


It Food Time

Club Members enjoy a night out in downtown Banff. Picture taken by MaryJo Walker


Rainbow Over The Bow River

Picture taken by David Walker from the Bow Valley Room of the Banff Springs Hotel.


Rear Patio of the Banff Springs

Picture taken by David Walker


The Bow River

The Bow River behind the Banff Springs. Picture taken by David.


Our Canadian Home

Picture of the Banff Springs Hotel taken by David


The Bow Valley Lounge

The lobby of Club Central. Picture taken by David.


MaryJo's Suite

The sitting area of MaryJo's Presidential Suite. Just like Tahoe?

Picture taken by the Walkers


The Walkers

The Walkers enjoying the view of the Banff Valley.


Oh Canada

The Canadian Flag with the the Great Rockies in background. Picture taken by the Walkers.


Post Sking Activities

Club Members enjoying the outdoor pool. Picture taken by Maryjo


Rear of Banff Springs Hotel

The Bow vally just after some light snow. Picture taken by the Walkers.


Hotel Hallway

The main hallway to the Grand Ballroom. Picture taken by the Walkers.


Banff Springs At Night

Picture taken by the Walkers


The Indoor Pool

Picture taken by the Walkers


Equipment Adjustments

Mark and Joe get ready to hit the slopes of Sunshine Village.

Picture taken by David.


Lodge at Lake Louise

Club members getting ready to go back out onto the slopes. Picture taken by David.


Banff at Dusk

Looking down the main street of Banff at the Bow River Bridge.

Photo sumitted by Rob McCarter


100% Pure Powder

Lake Louise Ski Resort Picture taken by Rob


Stairs Leading to Rob's Room

The Stairs in the Bannff Spring Hotel Lobby. Picture taken by Rob.


Mt Rundle

Mt Rundle from the wetland off Canada Highway # 1. Picture taken by Rob.


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